What is an E-check

An eCheck is the electronic version or representation of a paper check.

  • contain the same information as paper checks contain
  • are based on the same rich legal framework as paper checks
  • can be used in any and all remote transactions where paper checks are used today
  • enhance the functions and features provided by bank checking accounts
  • expand on the usefulness of paper checks by providing value-added information
    How do e-Check work? eChecks work the same way a check does.
  • the check writer "writes" the eCheck using one of many types of electronic devices and "gives" the e-Check to the payee electronically.
  • the payee "deposits" the Electronic Check, receives credit, and the payee's bank "clears" the eChecks to the paying bank.
  • the paying bank validates the eCheck and then "charges" the check writer's account for the check.
    How secure are eChecks? eChecks are the most secure payments instrument or transaction ever designed or developed. eChecks are designed to utilize state of the art security techniques of:
  • authentication
  • public key cryptography
  • digital signatures
  • certificate authorities
  • duplicate detection
  • encryption
    eChecks further enhance banking practices with added security so that even breaking the cryptographic protections would not necessarily allow a fraudulent transaction to be paid. Why use eCheck on our site?
  • eChecks are a safer and more reliable form of online payment in comparison to credit cards
  • There are a smaller amount of rejected orders in the processing of eCheck to those of credit cards
  • eCheck payments are processed exclusively by U.S. banks, preventing the problems faced with credit cards in regards to offshore bank processing

On Checkout, choose E-Checking. You will be asked for your name, checking account number and bank routing number. Every other feature remains the same. You will be given an order number and your products will be delivered once the check is fully funded. Please Allow 5 to 7 business days for your check to be fully funded.

Example of an e-check:

ROUTING NUMBER: Bottom left corner - 9-digit number
BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER: Right after routing number 6-15 digits. (Do not include check number)